Rough Draft 1:Rough Draft English Essay

Final Draft 1: Final Draft English Composition


My chosen writing project from the term was our first essay where he had a prompt about the importance of metaphors and their application in life. As it being our first essay, I made careless mistakes such as including the header, as well as underlining my title. My revisions at the beginning of the year, were very elementary. I was being naive, thinking that since I could do it in high school, I would be automatically able to in college. However, that was not the case. My revision process was always incomplete now looking back at it. I see within the rough draft that I have weak claims that needed more revision, my use of quotes and integration of them could be drastically improved.

While my early revisions are not at all what I remember them to be, I see a great upside to it. If I thought my revisions were incomplete or not as strong looking back at them, that means my writing has experienced growth. While it is a long shot, if I did not grow as a student over the semester, I would have looked back at this essay and still think it was worthy of being turned in as a final draft. The case for my revisions being substandard is strong, my writing early on was not where it has grown to now and I feel my development as a writer was evident through revisiting my revisions from this essay.