At the beginning of the semester, I was extremely uncomfortable with peer editing. It was not because I believed that I was bad at it, but rather because I felt unsure if what I would suggest would be good. I always believed my writing was a step behind everyone. I did not feel confident enough to edit the works of my peers and as a result was very intimidated by peer review at the beginning of the semester. However, as the semester progressed, my confidence grew, as well as the number of comments on the essays I peer reviewed. I credit my growth to being a mixture of meeting people in the class and getting to know them, feeling less anxiety with making suggestions to peers, as well as improving as a writer. As seen in the images attached below, I have made several comments on the most recent peer review of the multimodal essay. While it is a general statement, it is easy to overlook that during the beginning of the semester I averaged probably around three to four comments per essay. With our final one having seven, I hoped the growth and development of my peer review to be seen from the increase in the number of comments and suggestions I left on the essay. I feel this class did an exceptional job at developing us into better writers as well as editors. A large portion of our class was reading, annotating, writing, and editing. All skills were developed over the course of this class, I feel writing and editing stand out because of the frequency of which we annotated.