Rough Draft English Essay

Final Draft English Composition

Exactly how important are the metaphors that we use and who is the most capable (and responsible) for making them? How does the metaphor best serve us? These questions play a direct role in James Geary’s “Metaphorically Speaking” and Michael Erard’s “In Defense of Distraction.” In “The Trouble with Medicine’s Metaphors,” Dhruv Khullar takes the conversation further when he explores metaphor’s significance as it pertains to healing and medicine.


Your task is to write a 1,500- 2,500 word* (CHANGED) paper advancing your personal position on metaphor’s role in how we perceive our bodies, experience sickness, and pursue health. What kind of impact does language actually have on our physical and mental wellbeing? Who is responsible for managing this language? Engage each text in conversation as you define and explore your own understanding of metaphor and identify the potential consequences of this understanding. Some questions to consider: How important are the metaphors that you use in your personal and public life—most specifically as they pertain to your health? How much of a difference can a metaphor make on someone’s health? From where do the most meaningful metaphors originate? Professional metaphor designers/Advertisers? Public institutions? Ourselves? Please be as specific as possible as you connect the texts with each other, the larger world, and your own personal experiences.