The Significant Writing Project, which is of our first essay, depicts my ability to cite my sources and address errors at the very beginning of the semester. This view, allows for me to reflect on my growth in citing my sources. During this time, I must admit I lacked the skills of citing sources.  It was not something new to me, especially coming from my high school, but this was the first instance if me citing sources in a paper since my last high school english class. Just at an initial examination of my sources, I can immediately tell that I have messed up citing the last source, a TED Talk byJames Geary. I notice this because when we cite sources, the author is supposed to go first, not the title. For typical errors, I spotted one right in the opening sentence. The sentence states, “We must not ask ourselves how our actions can influence, but how our words can .” It took me a minute to catch, but I included a space between the period and last word of a sentence. To add later on I made an error when I typed, “While they are only the result of the vibrations of our vocal cords, metaphors and language itself serve a larger purpose, one which can improve the physical and mental wellbeing of many worldwide while also causing distress if they are used inappropriately.” This came also from my introduction paragraph, while it is not an obvious error, I feel as if it is a run on sentence since I was able to find where to break it up into two. The Significant Writing Project has allowed for me to see the growth and development of my citation skills as well as correcting and finding errors.