Significant Writing Project: Final Draft English Composition (1)

In our early writing¬† assignments, such as our first essay, I used an array of sources which were given to us in preparation for the prompt. My use and integration of evidence within the essay can first be noted after mentioning Dhruv Khullar. I used facts within his article to justify my claim of there being a need for metaphors to exist in the medical field. In my essay I wrote, “He began with elaborating on the frequency of metaphors used in the medical field. He stated, ‘One study, from 2010, found that physicians use metaphors in almost two-thirds of their conversations with patients who have serious illnesses.’ (Khullar).” My use of evidence and method of integration was in fact juvenile, leaving me a lot of space to develop and progress. My integration of the quote was not strong, and since then I have been able to introduce quotes at a higher level. In class when we revisited integrating quotes and evidence, we discussed the proper way to format and introduce the quote. This would include the punctuation used for quotes, such as placing a comma before the quote and quotation marks are written. To add, we were taught that a quote cannot be simply placed in a sentence. The author has to be first introduced prior to using a quote from their article. Following this you must include an introduction to the quote, which can be as simple as writing, “He stated, ‘(quote here)'”. With help from the lessons in class my use of quotes and integrating has improved since the first essay written.