For my multimodal paper, the first element I would revise would be my evidence. All around I know my essay could use more of it to strengthen and validate my claims. For example, in my paragraph where I used my podcast as a source, I can pull direct quotes that support my claim of the only form of narratives in our lives should be when life is described. In addition, my rough draft excluded quotations by  Galen Strawson which both my group mates both heavily suggested I include. In addition, my essay lacked conciseness in my opinion and I feel the need to revisit sentences, especially within my intro and make them more concise. I tend to summarize a lot within my sentences and especially with a lower word count being as concise as possible can help me a great deal. My word choice itself is something that can be revisited when revising my multimodal essay. I could incorporate more scholarly words that I could use in another multimodal way, such as bolding or adding a different font to draw emphasis to them and argue my claim even further.